Station Design Platform

Practical station design platform, convenient for clients to make station estimation calculation and device selection. No need professional personnel, this platform can make one-button calculation and device selection, to help you obtain optimal profits.

  Raise Income

  • Through Location And Angle Calculation, To Obtain Optimal Inclination Angle
  • Through Panel And Inverter Selection, To Obtain Optimal System Efficiency

  Auxiliary Decision

  • Device Selection Decision, Through Different Devices Comparison To Obtain Optimal Decision
  • Investment Decision, Energy Generation And Profits Estimation

  Investment Promotion

  • Profits And Energy Generation Estimation Mode Show
  • Reliable Financial Information Analysis

Functions & Features

  • Area Radiation Level Calculation

  • Inclination & Azimuth Calculation

  • Global Panel Database

  • Global Inverter Database

  • String Design Matching

  • Cable Section Calculation

  • Loss Analysis

  • Profit & Energy Estimation

  • Loan Calculation

  • Design Report

Station Design Flow

  • Investigate Construction

  • Station Type

  • Capacity Calculation

  • System Design

  • Panel Selection And
    Array Configuration
  • Inverter Selection
  • Income Calculation