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Data Diversity

  • Clear View Of Weather Information, Power Station Status
  • Combination Of Images And Tables Makes It Clear

Fault Alarm

  • Real-time Monitoring Power Station Operation, Fault Warning And Timely Feedback
  • Independent Research And Development Of Collection Module, Safe And Reliable

Big Data Analysis

  • Data Weather Prediction, To Forecast Energy Production
  • Analyze And Compare Power Station Status, To Improve Generating Efficiency

Power Station Monitoring Platform / APP

Strong Compatibility

  • Applicable To Most Mobile Devices In The Market
  • Wide Channels To Download

Much Contents Displayed

  • Accurate Power Station Income And Generation Statistics
  • Diverse Power Station Statistical Information Display

Quick Information Push

  • Daily Income Timing Push
  • Fault Information Accurate Analysis Push

Functions & Features

  • Station Construction Completion And Operation

  • Overall Control Of Station Conditions

  • Timely Information Reception And Fault Handling

  • Customer Can Make Real-time Monitoring On Station Conditions

  • Convenient Export Of Data Report

  • Perfect Alarm System Correct Fault Analysis

  • Data Statistics Report With Clear Station Profits

Power Station Monitoring Flow



Operation &

PV Module


Electric Meter

Power Grid

Confluence Box