Renac Inverters are approved by INMETRO in Brazil

Renac Inverters were approved by INMETRO including NAC1K5-SS,NAC3K-DS,NAC5K-DS,NAC8K-DS,NAC10K-DT.

INMETRO is the Brazilian Accreditation Body responsible for the development of Brazilian national standards. Most of Brazil's product standards are based on IEC and ISO standards, and manufacturers which need to export their products to Brazil should refer to these two sets of standards when designing products. Products that meet Brazilian standards and other technical requirements must be accompanied by a mandatory INMETRO logo and an accredited third-party certification body to enter the Brazilian market. RENAC has established a good reputation in the global photovoltaic. The NAC1K5-SS, NAC3K-DS, NAC5K-DS, NAC8K-DS, and NAC10K-DT successfully passed the INMETRO test in Brazil, providing technical and safety guarantees for actively exploring the Brazilian market and obtaining market access in Brazil.

On May 21-23, RENAC will bring the latest grid-connected inverters and energy storage inverters to the Enersolar+Brazil 2019 exhibition. On August 27-29, RENAC will be unveiled in Brazil. The largest professional PV exhibition Intersolar in South America. The adoption of the INMETRO test will help RENAC inverters get the best efforts.

Renac Power Technology Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive energy source that provides advanced string inverters, storage inverters and integrated smart energy management for different project and microgrid systems. At present, the products have been certified by major countries such as Australia, Europe, Brazil and India.