Renac ESC hybrid inverters are approved by CEC in Australia

Jiangsu Renac Power Technology passed CEC(Australian Clean Energy Council)regarding ESC series hybrid inverters.

CEC is very strict about product access inspection, and it needs to provide test data from qualified third-party independent laboratories to ensure that the performance and safety of products meet the requirements. Any PV inverter entering the Australian market must be subject to the strict qualification examination of CEC. This time, RENAC joined the list of Australian CEC, successfully solved the problem of Australian market access, and provided strong support for the company to develop an overseas market.

RENAC ESC Series Hybrid Inverters

ESC series energy storage inverters are mainly aimed at home users, with power of 3KW, 4KW, 5KW and 6KW. Since the launch of the market in 2018, favored by the majority of users! The main features are:

 Compatible with lithium battery/lead-acid battery;

 Grid-connected power: 5kW, charge-discharge power: 2.5kw, backup power: 2.3kva;

 Anti-current function;

 WI-FI / GPRS for optional;

 3.5-inch LCD screen;

 Mobile APP for monitring.

Jiangsu Renac Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive energy technology enterprise focusing on providing advanced string inverters, hybrid inverters and intelligent energy management solutions for micro systems. At present, the products have passed the certification of Australia, Europe, Brazil, India and other major countries.