RENAC, LE-PV and Smart Energy Coucil jointly sponsor Intelligent O&M Platform Salon

On the afternoon of May 30, Renac Power Technology Co., Ltd. (RENAC), together with Wuxi LE-PV Technology Co., Ltd. (LE-PV) and Australian Smart Energy Coucil Association, held the Sino-Australian Intelligent O&M Platform Salon in Suzhou.

At the event, the technical support director of LE-PV shared the latest version of LE-PV photovoltaic power plant monitoring and maintenance platform with the customers of the Australian delegation, and demonstrated in detail the functions of power station alarm, dispatch system and operation and maintenance report forms. According to the introduction, through the data acquisition module independently developed by LE-PV, centralized remote management of online platforms can effectively improve the efficiency of power plant management, ensure the healthy operation of power plants, improve power generation, and the intelligent dispatching system can also effectively reduce operation and maintenance costs.


With the continuous improvement of new energy management requirements, LE-PV can also provide customized development services. At the Salon, by demonstrating the multi-energy complementary platform developed by Levo for a major customer, the innovative function of Levo on the multi-energy management platform is demonstrated in detail.

At the salon, the sales director of RENAC also shared with the members of the Australian delegation the latest technology of energy storage inverters. Through understanding, the Australian delegation's customers expressed great approval for RENAC's energy storage products. John Grimes, president of Smart Energy Coucil Association, also shared with all people the prospects of the Australian energy storage market.      

After the event, the Reception Dinner was held in the lawn area of Chinese classic hotel.