Renac unveiled at the Green Expo in Mexico and deepened the Latin American market

On September 3-5, 2019, The Green Expo was grandly opened in Mexico City, and Renac was presented at the show with the latest smart inverters and system solutions.

At the exhibition, RENAC NAC4-8K-DS was highly praised by exhibitors for its intelligent design, compact appearance and high efficiency.

According to reports, in addition to the advantages of cost and power generation efficiency, the NAC4-8K-DS single-phase intelligent inverter also has a conversion efficiency of 98.1%. At the same time, it is also very prominent in monitoring and after-sales, intelligent and rich monitoring interface. It is convenient for the user to master the operation of the power station in real time. Renac smart PV inverter can realize multiple functions such as one-button registration, intelligent hosting, remote control, hierarchical management, remote upgrade, multi-peak judgment, functional quantity management, automatic alarm, etc., which effectively reduces installation and after-sales costs.

The Mexican PV market is an important part of Renac's global market layout in 2019. In March of this year, Renac launched its latest product with The Solar Power Mexico, and just finished the. The Green Expo exhibition. The successful conclusion has laid a solid foundation for further accelerating the pace of the Mexican market.